My Story

(Photo by Valerie Joy Photography)

In 2002, when I took my first photography class, my dad gave me my first camera. In 2007, when I became a mother, he gave me my first dslr. In 2008, when he died, I began to use photography as a way to remember him. In all the many of photos from my childhood, there are very few of him. BUT all of those photos were taken through his eyes, are pictures of what he saw and the people he loved.  I had no idea how quickly and organically photography would turn into a business I love so much. I’m now the mother of four daughters, who remind me every day the value of family, life, and celebrations.

My approach is clean and modern with an emphasis on capturing the authentic moments and the true emotion of your day. I love getting caught up in a wedding day, the details you’ve worked so hard on, and the love your day is centered on. Don't tell anyone, but I usually shed a tear or two during the first dances. Weddings are often just the beginning of my relationships with clients, as so many turn into friends that I see year after year to photograph as their families grow.